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Apple's iPhone bonk to 'Pay' app launches on Monday

Has Cupertino finally found killer app for NFC?

Update Cupertino's plans to dominate the world of pay-by-bonk have been exposed following the leak of what appears to be a TOP-SECRET Apple Pay training manual.

All Apple staffers will apparently take part in an hour's training on the new bonk-to-pay system, which is expected to be launched later this month following an event on 16 October.

According to the leaked missive, credit card details can be added to Apple Pay via iTunes.

These will then be stored in Passbook, which is currently used for tickets.

Apple will be able to contact credit card companies automatically, which sounds pretty creepy. This means that when a card hits its expiry date, the fruity firm will simply correspond with the issuer and update Passbook with information from the new card.

Having done a pretty poor job of locking down celebrities' nude pictures, Apple is likely to face a tough job reassuring punters that their credit card details are safe.

There will also be a bonk to bring back service. If a fanboi or gurl is unhappy with their iThing, they can return it by bringing it into a store, whopping out their iPhone and rubbing it against the EasyPay machine. Voila, your cash is back and you can go buy a Samsung.

We've officially known about Apple Pay for about a month, following an official announcement at the 6 September launch of the iPhone 6.

Apple will reportedly slurp 15 cents for every $100 purchase. ®


Cupertino announced during the Thursday 16 Oct presentation that it will launch Apple Pay in the US on Monday 20 October.

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