Rupert Murdoch outs self as iPhone 6 fanboi

Smithers? Install me an app. That one with the cranky birds sounds amusing

Rupert Murdoch has outed himself as an Apple fanboi.

In one of the mogul's regular and oddly-contextless tweets, Murdoch admits to having recently acquired an iPhone 6 after first making some very anodyne comments on the fact that old spacecraft scarcely packed enough computing power to play a decent game of Tetris.

Commenters aren't being kind to the media mogul, pointing out that iOS derives some of its innards from taxpayer-funded Unix, and that Android may represent a more appropriate choice for a free-marketeer of Murdoch's ilk. Given Uncle Rupe's hatred for Google, that argument is not likely to hold water.

Apple shares were down late on Friday. Murdoch's tweet was issued on Sunday, US time. Let's see what, if anything, it does to the stock price when markets re-open. ®

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