Do Moan! MONSTER 6-day EMAIL OUTAGE hits Domain Monster

Customers freaked out by frightful service

Updated Fed-up Domain Monster customers are still waiting for the company to fix an email outage that has been going on for six days now.

In the last hour, the hosting firm has been forced to embarrassingly tell its subscribers that it was still in business, even though the outfit's email service remained titsup.

As The Register discovered this morning, no one is answering the help and support phones at Domain Monster, instead the line kept going dead.

Similarly, over at Host Europe Group-owned Mesh Digital Ltd, which runs the Domain Monster brand, no one had answered our call at time of writing.

The company's status page currently coughs to problems with email forwarding and POP3 mailboxes, both of which are labelled as "degraded".

Complaints, however, are stacking up on Twitter. Plenty of frustrated customers appear enraged by Domain Monster's sluggish response to the outage.

El Reg has, er, emailed Mesh Digital for a response. We resorted to this method only after having no joy with the telephone. Let's hope it doesn't take the company six days to get back to us with a response ... ®


Host Europe Group emailed a statement to the Reg late on Tuesday afternoon in which it confirmed that Monster Domain's email service remained broken.

The company's CTO Paul Caris told us:

Last week we undertook a series of improvements to make our mail system faster and more resilient. Unfortunately a number of technical issues arose in this process which has caused the problems some of our customers are currently experiencing.

All our engineers are working hard to resolve the issues. We aim to have mail services restored as soon as possible, with services returning to normal for many customers later today.

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