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I didn't invent Bitcoin! Send Bitcoin to help me fight this slur – Dorian Nakamoto

Old bloke wants to give Newsweek a kick in the legals

The elderly man Newsweek claimed was the inventor of Bitcoin has launched a legal battle against the publication – and he wants you to help pay for it.

In March this year, Newsweek published a cover story titled "The Face of Bitcoin" which named Dorian Nakamoto as the inventor of the digital funny money.

Now he's raising money to fund a legal case against Newsweek and has asked the public to donate Bitcoin to help fund a crack team of lawyers.

A statement on his website said: "Dorian's Legal Defense Fund is a separate effort, authorized and endorsed by Dorian, to raise money to hold Newsweek accountable for their article.

"A lawsuit against Newsweek will be very expensive. Dorian does not have the resources to pay the costs of such a suit, let alone attorneys' fees. Monies raised by the Fund will be used to further Dorian's legal claims against Newsweek; anything remaining will be given directly to Dorian for his expenses."

Meanwhile, on the site's homepage, readers are invited to donate Bitcoin “directly to the Fund's wallet”.

Dorian Nakamoto claimed the article that fingered him as the father of Bitcoin has "terrorized" his family".

Newsweek is now in the hands of the firm that owns “news” website the International Business Times, whose owners have been reported to have links to controversial Korean pastor David Jang. ®

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