Down-under record: Australian gets $140k for pussy

'Tiffany' closes deal - 'it's more common to offer your wife', says agent

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A down-under record has been achieved as an enterprising Australian seller has succeeded in obtaining no less than OZ$140k for a much-loved pussy.

The feline in question, named "Tiffany", was apparently so desirable to the buyer of a $2m house on the Antipodean subcontinent that an extra $140k was added to the price on condition that the cat remain resident at the property.

As Reuters explains:

Michael and Fran Perceval failed to sell their home at an auction with the top bid at $2,060,000 (pron: 2 million and 60 thousand dollars). But then they received a bid for $2.2 million-- which equates to about 1.94 million U.S. dollars, but only on the condition that Tiffany be part of the sale. Owner Fran said that she knew that Tiffany was popular with potential buyers, but never expected to include her in the contract.

Estate agent Glen Coutinho apparently considered it more normal for people to offer up their wives or husbands in order to secure a good deal. He reportedly commented:

"I've had plenty of people say they'd throw in their partners but not pets, no, it's the first time." ®


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