Slabba-dabba-GOLD! Apple kicks off presales of fingerprint-loving iPads

iTouch myself, so Cupertino IDs me

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Fanbois can now pre-order Apple's iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 online, after the company unveiled its latest fondleslabs on Thursday.

Depending on the spec of the latest iPads, customers can expect to wait anything between two and six working days before the devices are shipped, according to the UK version of Apple's online store.

And, just like the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, the new iPads come in space grey, silver and a blinged-up gold.

The iPad Mini 3 ranges in price from £319 ($399) for an entry-level, Wi-Fi only fondleslab, all the way up to £579 ($729) for a 128GB, wireless and celluar model.

While the iPad Air 2 carries a price tag of between £399 ($499) and £659 ($829), depending on the specification.

Both 'slabs come loaded with Apple's fingerprint sensor dubbed Touch ID, which will allow purchases to be verified by the Tim Cook-run company's Pay system. The creepy identity tech is already offered on Cupertino's iPhones.

And don't forget that these new devices signify something else: a sim war is simmering. ®


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