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Two-timing HP snubs Scality's RING, organises object threesome

Cleversafe smoothly slips into third wheel territory

It’s a laugh a minute in the object storage business. Not content with reselling Scality’s RING object storage software alongside its own StoreAll product, HP is now two-timing Scality by reselling Cleversafe’s object storage software as well. It’s best to be sure – to be sure.

Once again it’s HP’s hyperscale server group making the running, with ProLiant servers being the hardware that Cleversafe’s dsNet runs on. We’re sure HP’s storage group will appreciate this second deal.

Some may say HP’s server group is dissing the StoreAll product and such a view could have its justifications. But we stress that StoreAll is, according to HP’s storage head David Scott, its strategic product whilst the CleverSafe and Scality deals are tactical and don’t imply any strategic judgement by the HP folks.

HP and Cleversafe say the deal’s purpose is to “address rapidly expanding unstructured data and archival storage needs.”

The dsNet software will be available directly from HP, as well as through qualified HP channel partners.

Chuck Smith, HP Servers’ biz dev veep, provided the canned quote for the Scality reselling deal: “HP ProLiant servers with Cleversafe object storage allows IT organisations to reach petabyte scale with security and simplicity.”

He said virtually the same about HP and Scality.

What fun! Scality is no longer the specially-favoured one and HP is operating an object storage ménage à trois. ®

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