Kip Thorne explains how he created the black hole for Interstellar

Movie special effects project spawns academic papers on gravitational lensing

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Ahead of the release of Christopher Nolan’s hotly anticipated space movie Interstellar, the film-makers reveal how theoretical physicist Kip Thorne helped them to create scientifically accurate special effects for a black hole.

It’s a pretty clever piece of marketing for the movie, which has relied on the mysterious nature of its under-wraps script and the odd teaser trailer to build up a pretty impressive amount of anticipation. It’s also pretty cool.

Thorne said several technical papers would come out of the maths and practical work that went into creating the movie’s black hole, one for the astrophysics community and others for computer graphics specialists on what the team discovered about gravitational lensing.

The movie hits cinemas on 7 November in the UK and 4 November in the US. ®

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