Not a loyal follower of @BritishMonarchy? You missed The QUEEN*'s first Tweet

Her Maj opens 'Information Age' at the Science Museum

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, aged 81, of the United Kingdom. Photo taken during a visit in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Here it is:

There's intense debate in some quarters as to whether Her Majesty pressed the button herself or not, with the Tweet apparently sent from an iPhone as the Queen pressed an ungloved finger to the royal iPad.

The initial responding Tweet was naturally enough from @sciencemuseum, but the first reaction from a member of the public was this from Guardian technology reporter Alex Hern:

Hern is presumably a big fan of Prince Charles. ®


*Of course there are other queens. There are also other Royal Navies. But everyone knows which you mean when you put "The" in front of them.

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