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BAE points electromagnetic projectile at US Army

Railguns for 'Future fighting vehicle'

BAE Systems, which has been working with the US Navy on its futuristic railgun weapon project, has suggested the Mach 7 electromagnetic metal-slinger could be useful for the next generation of the US Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The Brit company made the comments at the Association of the US Army annual conference, according to DefenseTech.

The US Army, DefenseTech explains, is casting around for future fighting vehicle ideas, as it decides whether to launch a brand-new development project or specify upgrades to the Bradley.

In 2012, US Navy Research posted a video of a successful railgun demonstration at the Dahlgreen Naval Surface Warfare Center (below). BAE Systems says test firings demonstrate the railgun operating at “tactical energy levels”.

Youtube Video

The railgun is a simple enough concept: instead of explosives, the projectile is accelerated by electromagnetic pulses, reaching speeds of Mach 7. Strong magnets and steel balls can provide hours of fun for the home experimenter.

The current BAE Systems development weapon, due to be put on a ship in 2016, would have to be scaled down to be installed on a land vehicle. ®

Youtube Video

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