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Painfully trendy: Someone just spent $200k on

Paid owner in cash and, er, Cannabis Sativa shares

Anyone looking to cash in on the zeitgeist by buying the domain name has left it too late, because the domain name has sold for more than $200,000.

A Russian firm called Weed Growth Fund has snapped up this on-trend online home, according to an SEC filing.

The Russian-registered company that now owns paid $50,000 in cash and handed over $170,000 worth of shares in a company called Cannabis Sativa. Chaired by the former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, a known believer in the supposed medical benefits of high grade cannabis, that firm sells legally available ganja to the lucky residents of certain American states.

Happily, the domain's former owners still have the websites and for sale, which is handy for any hip young web designer looking to get a bit of that nuclear winter vibe going ahead of the holiday season.

According to its website, Blue String Ventures "turns great domain names into great websites", which seems like a rather questionable claim following a glimpse at its portfolio.

Still, as any trend-spotter will know, ebola is the hottest news in town: if you've not got it, you're worrying about getting it.

Ebola is, er, painfully trendy right now.

So what better name can there possibly be for a new website? Get below and let us know. ®

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