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Even a broken watch is right twice a day: Not an un-charged Apple Watch

Plus: 1 million sign up to Apple Pay

The Apple Watch will require daily charging thanks to its poor battery life, Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted.

The daily maintenance is reminiscent of the bad old days when timepieces needed to be wound up to keep them ticking.

Speaking at a live Q+A, the Apple boss said: "We think people are going to use it so much you will end up charging it daily."

He then hammered home the point in a bald statement likely to disappoint eager-wristed fanbois.

"You’re going to wind up charging it daily,” he emphasised.

One million Americans have now signed up for Apple Pay, Cupertino's bonk-to-pay system. Cook himself is fond of bonking his shopping at Whole Foods, purveyors of only the trendiest organic nosh. Cook is riding high at the moment after releasing the umpteenth versions of Apple's most famous gizmos and then selling loads of them.

"We think the Mac has a great future,” he said while describing the last quarter's "remarkable" growth in laptop sales. The iPhone is also set to "continue to be a majority of the company’s revenue and profits”, Cook continued.

All very good. But where's the innovation here, Tim? The Apple Watch is meant to be his stab at finally releasing a brand new product line, something Steve Jobs appeared able to do in his sleep.

Cook, on the other hand, is superb at persuading us that we need a new version of the iPhone or iPad but has comprehensively failed to bring in an exciting new product range.

That could all change with the Apple Watch, of course, but would you wear a timepiece that required a daily charge? Does Rolex have anything to worry about here? Get below and let us know. ®

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