Yelp continues Euro gobble campaign with French Cityvox

Lunchtime for Germany, Lunchtime for France ... teatime for Google?

Just days after acquiring a German review site, Yelp announced on Tuesday that it has taken over Cityvox in France. It’s a clear sign that the company means business in Europe.

Financial details of the deal to buy Cityvox, a subsidiary of Orange, were not released. The website publishes restaurant reviews from across all of France.

Last Friday Yelp revealed it had purchased Germany's Restaurant-Kritik, which boasts 330,000 reviews of 94,000 restaurants.

It is not yet clear whether the two review sites will be re-branded as Yelp. But Yelp VP Mike Ghaffary said in a blog post that the company was “looking forward to integrating [Cityvox’s] review and photo content into Yelp and putting it at the service of consumers throughout France.”

Yelp recently added its name to the list of complainants against search rival Google alongside expedia and tripadvisor. Like Yelp, the latter also claims to offer real reviews from real people. Google is accused of scraping content from these sites.

Yelp’s complaint makes more sense now in light of its evident planned European expansion. ®

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