PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 is least popular Cupertino mobile OS in all of HUMAN HISTORY

'Nerd release' finally staggers past 50 per cent adoption

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Half of all fanbois and gurlz have finally installed iOS 8 on their iThings, hammering home the point that Apple's new mobile operating system is much less popular than previous versions.

A glance at the Apple developer support page reveals that 52 percent of users have now installed iOS 8 on their iPhone or fondleslab, which represents the slowest adoption rate since iOS 5.

The latest update has proven to be a bit of a flop compared to previous versions of iOS, with many refusenik fanbois choosing to stick with older versions.

One developer claimed this was because the new operating system was a "nerd release" aimed only at power users.

Other reasons for the slow uptake include the lack of an obvious difference between iOS 8 and 7, which featured a new "flat" design and gave devices a totally different feel.

The download is also massive. At 5GB, you would have to set aside a fair old amount of time to get it onto your phone or fondleslab, as well as clearing space. This would extra-specially tricky for anyone using a smaller 16GB model of iPhone or iPad. ®

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