DDN sails into Amazon clouds, adds Wonderful S3 for WOS

Object store, meet Jeff Bezos and chums

DDN has embraced the public cloud enemy, so to speak, by adding an S3 interface to its WOS object storage array.

By adding this Amazon interface, customers who use the S3 protocol to access storage can now access DDN’s WOS array.

This S3 API works alongside existing protocols supported by WOS, such as IBM’s GPFS (Elastic Storage), native REST, and NFS and CIFS for file-level access.

DDN says that its “customers now have plug-and-play support for the rapidly growing number of third-party ISV applications and technology partners that use the S3 API. … [They can] implement a private or hybrid cloud, or transition to or from the Amazon S3 cloud, without the overhead associated with modifying existing cloud applications.”

WOS S3 can exist in a hybrid cloud infrastructure, with WOS being in the customer’s private cloud-style data centre and S3 being its gateway to the Amazon public cloud and a set of other applications that use S3.

Lots of DDN partners are supportive of this, including CTERA’s SVP for marketing, Jeff Denworth,whose canned quote reads: “CTERA’s cloud storage services platform leverages DDN’s WOS object storage to deliver cost-effective and secure private, public and hybrid cloud solutions to enterprise customers and service providers.”

DDN is putting more emphasis on its Connect Partner Program as it continues to focus on extending its enterprise Big Data storage and analysis strategy alongside the existing supercomputing and high-performance computing storage business. It doesn’t want WOS sales opportunities to hit a wall because customers use S3 while DDN does not.

WOS S3 is now generally available with purchase options that include a plug-and-play appliance, OCP-compliant option or as software-only for customers with a preferred white box platform. ®

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