LastPass releases Open Source command line client

Probing, poking and pulling requested

LastPass has published an open source command line application to provide terminal-loving devs with alternative access to their passwords and login data.

The outfit says the app improves user security, with a growing list of commands that lets users edit their LastPass data. It also supports functions such as regular automated password changes and the ability to generate and store passwords for servers.

LastPass community manager Amber Gott said it welcomed community pull requests.

"Whether you work as a developer, or in IT operations, or are just a tech-savvy LastPass user, our command line application makes it easier for you to get to data stored in LastPass on the terminal on Mac, Linux, and Windows under Cygwin," Gott said in a post.

"The LastPass command line application brings both better security and convenience by allowing you to access, add, modify, and delete entries in your online LastPass vault, all from the terminal.

"We'd be happy to accept pull requests for further examples and increased capabilities."

Users who prefer the command line can access their data directly with “lpass ls” then using “lpass show -c --password Sitename” to put the Sitename password on the copy buffer. You can utilize “lpass show” to store passwords used in scripts, rather than putting passwords in the scripts themselves. LastPass can also be used as you work within the command line to help you login to servers.

The command line app and examples are hosted on GitHub, where further developments will occur.

LastPass says it will consider releasing compiled versions if there was enough demand, and there will be versions for Debian and Ubuntu in the future. ®

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