How Hollywood film-makers wove proper physics into Interstellar

Nolan: 'Extremely spectacular algorithms'

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Having a theoretical physicist attached to a Hollywood sci-fi film proved to be a pretty slick move for Interstellar director Christopher Nolan, who worked with Kip Thorne from the start of the project.

"What the algorithms gave us was extremely spectacular," Nolan explained in this short, neat vid about the hard science running through the movie.

"Why not examine real possibilities – where has the world got to in terms of its thinking about gravity being able to traverse dimensions, the gravitational lens, and the effects of gravity and light around the black hole. Why not actually look at the real science there," he added.

Interstellar was different from other Hollywood big screen science-fiction fodder, said Thorne, because "real science was woven into this film from the beginning, and woven in deeply."

Even Albert Einstein gets a name drop.

Keep your eyes peeled for a review of Interstellar – which hits IMAX and cinemas in the UK on Friday, 7 November – in the Weekend Edition of The Register. ®

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