Microsoft: OK, we'll try indirect sales for Surface Pro 3 in Japan

... but we're not promising anything

Microsoft is testing a reseller programme for the Surface Pro 3.

Speaking at the Canalys Channels Forum Asia, the worldwide veep of Microsoft's small and medium business organisation, Thomas Hansen, said a “limited” trial is under way in Hong Kong and Japan.

“We are in the process right now of piloting some expanded channel models for Surface Pro 3,” he said.

The trial is not necessarily an indication Microsoft wants its channel to be able to resell Surface Pro 3.

“We may decide to take some further steps,” Hansen said. “Give us a few months to run our pilot. As we learn from that we will figure out if we can expand the route to market.”

Hansen said the reason the channel has not been able to resell Surface Pro to date is due to Microsoft's inexperience as a hardware player.

“It takes time to build a hardware company,” he said. “Speaking candidly, we are learning.”

Microsoft is learning quickly, too, if the $900m in Surface sales the company reported in its most recent quarterly results are any indication.

One thing Microsoft has well and truly learned over the years is that its partners are more than vital. Several wanted to know why they can't get their hands on Surface.

Hansen's answer gave them hope but not, among those The Reg encountered, satisfaction. ®

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