Oz quantum researcher to head new journal

Nature trying open access in Oz

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Prominent University of New South Wales quantum physicist Michelle Simmons has been tapped to take the reins of a new open access quantum physics publishing venture from Nature, as part of a partnership between the journal house and UNSW.

Called npj Quantum Information, the journal is one of Nature's partner series, and the first to be launched in Australia. Simmons is to act as editor-in-chief, and Nature says the journal will include “research at the forefront of quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum information theory, covering topics including optics, atomic physics, semiconductor physics, superconducting physics and computer science.”

In taking the dive into open access, Macmillan Science and Education ANZ managing director David Swinbanks said quantum research is important but fragmented: “Our hope is that open access will stimulate sharing of ideas across these communities.”

Papers from both theoreticians and experimentalists will be sought, Simmons said in the University's announcement.

Professor Simmons, Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, will be known to readers of The Register who follow topics quantum.

Her group's achievements include creating four-atom-wide silicon wires, a single-atom transistor, and a nonometre-scale quantum address bus. ®

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