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Apple's strap-on will set you back just '$5,000' – what a BARGAIN!

Golden arm-slab Watch is positively cheap next to real wristcandy, allegedly

When Apple unveiled its vaporware wrist-tablet Watch, fanbois braced themselves for a bit of sticker shock.

The starting price for the smartwatch will be $350, which will get you a "sport" model with a rubber strap and an aluminum case. But Apple CEO Tim Cook promised his faithful that more reassuringly expensive models will appear, although neglected to mention price tags.

Now, we may have learned exactly how much more cash Apple is going to ask for a 18k gold high-end Watch. And it is a lot. Allegedly.

French Apple news blog cites unnamed sources in reporting that the fanciest of the fancy watches from Apple will cost buyers anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000 new. That price would net customers an "Edition" model Apple Watch with an 18k yellow or rose gold casing and a fashionable "sport" or "modern" band in a variety of colors.

If you want to upgrade from the "sport" version, you'll have to pay up, of course: the French blog claims a stainless steel Watch will cost you a cool $500.

This for an accessory to an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus line that ranges from $199 to $499 with a two-year carrier contract. In other words, a high-end Apple watch will cost you roughly ten times what you pay for the actual (subsidized) phone you'll have to pair it with.

For the record, $5,000 will also get you a new Rolex, albeit a low-end stainless steel one. So, hey, if you're comparing Apple's watch to the iconic standard for obscenely priced wristcandy, it's actually a bargain.

If you're comparing it with competing smartwatches such as the $299 Samsung Gear and $350 LG Watch R... well, no comment. Then again, those smartwatches are hardly lookers, and perhaps the fanbois consuming public will be willing to pony up the extra scratch for a smartwatch that actually looks fashionable. ®


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