Does Father Christmas expect a happy ending with Clara in Doctor Who?

Nick Frost sports festive red suit to visit the Time Lord

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Vid Shaun of the Dead star Nick Frost will appear in Doctor Who's Christmas special as Santa Claus.

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Viewers of last night's finale on the Beeb will have seen Frost arrive at the entrance to the Tardis as a deadpan Father Christmas, after the Doctor's cryptic farewell with Clara.

Coo-eee! [knock, knock] Hello. [knock, knock] Doctor. You know it can't end like that. We need to get this sorted and quickly. She's not alright, y'know. And neither are you. I'm coming in.

There you are. I knew I'd get around to you eventually. Now, stop gawping and tell me: what do you want for Christmas?

A brief trailer hints at an Alien-like or even dino-inspired monster. While we find the Doctor stuck in a dark and dreary-looking North Pole.

Meanwhile, for those of you who missed it, here's our review of series eight's final episode – Death in Heaven. ®


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