BEHOLD Apple's BENEVOLENCE! iMessage txt BLACK HOLE finally fixed

Thanks, Apple ... so VERY kind of you

People ditching their iPhones until now faced a rather irritating problem: Apple's iMessage service assumes that all text messages to their phone numbers should use the company's over-the-top iMessage app.

Thus, messages intended for an iPhone have failed to land when folks move to rival phones – as the SMSs disappeared into the bowels of Apple.

Cupertino has now recognised the problem and popped up a Deregister iMessage tool.

The web-based tool is simplicity itself: iPhone refugees just give their phone number, then punch in the transfer code provided by TXT. If you still own an iPhone, all you need to do is turn off iMessage.

The release of the tool fulfils a promise to fix the bug Apple made last May.

Cupertino's hardly jumped on this problem: a class action regarding the issue which itself dates from May says Apple knew about it back in 2011. ®

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