Google DoubleClick goes TITSUP. ENJOY your AD-FREE WORLD!

Special offer for a limited time only

Updated Publishers across the web are seeing a huge surge in site load speeds, after Google's DoubleClick ad tech collapsed within the past hour.

At time of writing, Google was yet to respond to The Register's request for comment.

But its servers have clearly suffered a major meltdown.

Readers who don't use ad-blockers because they love Reg scribes and want to see them paid for their hard toil will note that our pages are currently being served up super fast, sans ads.

The ad-free world is replicated elsewhere here in the UK. National newspapers such as the Guardian and the Daily Mail's websites are currently running stories without being slathered in Google ad goo.

We'll update this story if we hear back from Google about its DoubleClick strife.

So far we've had a "looking into this for you now" response.

Enjoy it while it lasts, people. ®


The ad network appears to be slowly returning, following a worldwide outage lasting roughly 80 minutes.

Google's DoubleClick offered up this little tweet about the tech blunder, which suggests that the glitch ain't fixed yet.

Update 2

Google has now posted a statement on its DoubleClick Publisher website.

DoubleClick for Publishers experienced an outage this morning impacting publishers globally, across their video, display, native and mobile formats. Our team has worked quickly to fix the software bug and it's now back up and running, so our publisher partners can return to funding their content.

But the ad giant made no mention of compensation for publishers who lost cash during the outage.

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