Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of Patent WAR! Samsung strikes back at Nvidia

Armies of lawyers on the march

Samsung Electronics has counter-sued graphics processing units (GPU) manufacturer Nvidia for alleged infringement of its chip-related patents.

Nvidia filed a patent lawsuit against Sammy and semiconductor and wireless tech giant Qualcomm in September, alleging the companies used its patented GPU technology without proper compensation.

In a statement, Nvidia said it "fully expected" to be sued in response to the original lawsuit.

The South Korean techie is also suing Velocity Micro, a small Virginian company, said Nvidia in a statement.

Samsung's lawsuit concentrates on eight patents. Nvidia is alleged to have violated six. Velocity is alleged to have violated all eight, said the GPU company.

Samsung also alleges Nvidia falsely advertised its Shield tablet as “the world’s fastest mobile processor”. Samsung alleges that its Exynos 5433 processor is faster on a couple of benchmarks.

Nvidia said: "We aren’t yet ready to respond formally to Samsung’s lawsuit. But we can’t hold back its contention that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 outperforms the Shield tablet."

Samsung Electronics said in an emailed statement to Reuters: "We are pursuing necessary legal measures to defend our intellectual property rights and to ensure our continued growth in the IT industry." ®

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