Sky: We're no longer calling ourselves British. Yep. And Broadcasting can do one, too

'B' bookends bumped

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BSkyB has ditched the words British and Broadcasting from its name, after the media and telecoms company completed its takeover of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland yesterday.

From now on, it will simply be known as Sky, but shareholders will be asked to approve the name switch at the firm's AGM on 21 November. Its company stock exchange ticker will change to SKY tomorrow.

Sky said its "enlarged group" now had a customer base of 20 million people across Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland. The merger obviously also means more staff on Sky's books with the headcount now reaching 31,000 across 30 main sites.

Chief Jeremy Darroch remains at the helm of the group. He said:

By joining together, we will share our strengths and expertise while retaining a strong identity in each country where we operate. The opportunity ahead is substantial and we believe the new Sky will be good for customers, content creators and shareholders alike.

Sky said it has annual sales of over £11bn, of which a large lump of that comes from Blighty. In the 12-month period ended 30 June BSkyB reported revenues of £7.6bn. ®

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