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Could YOU identify these 10 cool vintage mobile phones?

No one else has managed to do it...

OK, so you probably got this one...

Motorola RAZR V3

7. Motorola V3 Razr

Probably the easiest one in the competition, the distinctive Razr was a concept design which genius engineer Roger Jellicoe realised could be made real.

One of the must successful phones of all time, the skunkworks unit which produced it estimated that the world market was 300,000 units but to get it past the approvals process, said they reckoned it would sell 800,000. Motorolans were amazed when Carphone Warehouse's Charles Dunstone ordered 500,000 in pink. It became a huge it and sold 2.5 million in pink alone. Over different models, the Razr sold 100,000,000 units.

Motorola MPX 300

8. Motorola MPX 300

With a teenage girl's attitude to affection, Motorola changed operating systems more often than most people renew their phone contracts... and for a while Microsoft's mobile OS was the new BFF, while Symbian was deserted. Nokia bought the shares and got majority ownership, thereby destroying any element of industry co-operation.

Given that Motorola's great weakness was software and strength was hardware this should have been a great phone. The MPX's clever dual hinge meant it could be used both portrait and landscape, it was touch screen and a nice size. Unfortunately Motorola believed the Microsoft promises of running in a small memory footprint and it was dog slow. Very few were sold and most of those in Asia.

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