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Google Glass: Even the people who stand to MAKE MONEY from it hate the techno-specs

Developers reportedly dropping out

Google Glass has lost more than a bit of its momentum since the project was unveiled in 2012 – on Friday it was claimed that even developers building apps for the techno-goggles are giving up.

Reuters reported that it spoke with 16 developers and found that more than half had abandoned their plans to write software for the Chocolate Factory's headgear. The coders cited reasons such as a lack of customer interest, poor hardware specs and more money to be had in enterprise software.

Further adding to Google's misery, the news wire's report suggests Google Glass model that'll go on general sale will not happen until next year, nearly two years after the company began public trials by selling the specs to "Explorers" who paid $1,500 apiece.

Google has been courting developers to play a crucial role in the platform by writing software for Glass headsets. If developers are indeed fleeing, that's bad news for a product that hasn't even really made it onto the market yet.

Then again, bad news has followed Glass around ever since the first guinea pigs strapped the augmented reality sets onto their heads. If a "Glasshole" wasn't getting thrown out of a bar by angry patrons, they were getting yanked from a theater for suspected piracy or pulled over by police for distracted driving.

In fact, Glassholes gained such a bad rep that Google had to post an instruction set on how not to be creepy, and hire a former Calvin Klein exec to glam up the decidedly geeky-looking headset.

So maybe it's not that developers are bored with Glass, perhaps they just don't want to be associated with the people that wear it. ®

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