Virgin Media struck dumb by NATIONWIDE packet loss balls-up

Turning it off and on again fixes glitch 12 HOURS LATER

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Virgin Media's broadband network suffered what appeared to be a widespread service disruption on Saturday – the second such weekend, packet loss blunder to have struck the cable company in recent months.

Customers complained on VM's forum and Twitter about major performance problems blighting the network.

However, it took Virgin Media hours to fix the technical glitch.

In the meantime, subscribers shared graphs that showed the woeful behaviour of the ISP's broadband service.

Customers across the UK noted that they had the same packet loss issue.

Over on Twitter, the complaints piled up.

Virgin Media eventually told customers late last night that service was returning to normal. The company's community manager, with the handle James_W, said:

I can confirm that the problem has been resolved thanks to your reports on the forum. The offending server has been reset, which fixed this issue.

Thank you for your patience, and my apologies for the inconvenience caused this evening.

Hat tip to Reg reader Clive for telling us about the cock-up. ®


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