Join The Reg in Sydney for beers, ideas and Christmas cheer

Vulture South, futurist Mark Pesce and OpenStack's Tristan Goode explore the future of technology on December 2nd

The silly season is upon us and The Reg hopes Sydney-based readers will share one evening of it with us to explore what the future holds for your job, your industry and your region.

Think of it as an exploration of Christmas – and technology - past and present.

Our guides are:

  • Futurist developer, inventor and broadcaster Mark Pesce, who will offer his vision for the future IT;
  • OpenStack board member, Aptira CEO and all-round tech star Tristan Goode, who will explain the future of the cloud;
  • Reg APAC man Simon Sharwood on how Asia is changing the technology industry … and not necessarily for the best.

We'll also have giveaways of never-before-seen-in-Australia Reg tat, and maybe some other goodies, the dodgiest iPhone you've ever seen, tasty finger food and some frosty beers.

So what are you waiting for? For a mere tenner, you get all that plus the chance to meet your fellow readers, a chance to berate the local team and more.

Pick up tickets here. ®

Bootnote: Melbournians, Brisvegans, Adelaideans, Perthians and others around Australia and New Zealand: we're sorry we can't do this in your town. Yet. But if you get your Sydney mates to come we'll get good proof of concept for our approach to events which should mean we can get to you soon.

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