Fujitsu boss sets CDOs against CIOs at annual do

EMEAI chief tells traditionalists: ‘Don’t be a bottleneck’

Not a 'data centre in a box'

The vendor then offset the strategic vision stuff by taking the wraps of a new range of application specific appliances, under the newly coined term Primeflex.

There are 20 appliances in the range - some of which will be existing boxes rebranded - spanning platforms such as VMware, SAP Hana, and Hadoop.

Asked if this was just another attempt at selling a "data centre in a box", EMEA CTO Joseph Reger said no vendor could offer that. “That’s just a marketing term.” Rather, the new Fujitsu boxes were building blocks for customers to build out their own data centre capabilities.

He added that it was not fashionable to focus on hardware, but the tin itself remained a differentiator. Equally important, he said, the systems came with a service contract.

The firm also announced a two-factor authentication addition to its PalmSecure technology. The PalmSecure IDmatch device builds on the vendor’s long-established palm reading technology, but integrates it with another identifier, such as a card.

The unit also offers on-device authentication, which will help it get round regulatory issues in some regions where biometric data can't be stored remotely. It has an accompanying SDK allowing it to be integrated into other systems. ®

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