Apple Fanboi? Stand by to get Beats Music LIKE IT OR NOT

iOS to get streaming service built-in, early 2015, says report

Apple will attempt to install a Beats Music app in all recent iThings in early 2015, it's claimed.

The music streaming service will be added via an over-the-air iOS update in early 2015, the Financial Times reports. With the software installed, fanbois can stream music over the internet on a monthly basis without having to grab an extra app. Check, Spotify.

Judging by the timing given, the tie-up could take place alongside the arrival of release of iOS 8.2 and, possibly, the Apple Watch.

Bundling Beats Music into iOS is an expected next step for Apple: the Cupertino idiot-tax operation acquired Beats for $3bn in May – and Beats' streaming-music service was said to be focus of the acquisition, rather than its expensive headphones.

The biz gobble also brought aboard Beats cofounders record producer Jimmy Iovine and rapper Dr Dre, who have taken up management roles within the fruit-monolith.

Shoving Beats Music into modern iThings pits it against streaming giant Spotify for the subscription music market. While Apple has long dominated the sale of tracks and albums via iTunes, Cupertino has never been able to establish itself as a player in the streaming market.

Spotify, meanwhile, has had a tumultuous month as the biz was unceremoniously dumped by pop vixen Taylor Swift, and then sought comfort in the welcoming arms of rent-a-ride service Uber. ®

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