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Asian mobiles the DDOS threat of 2015, security mob says

Beware traffic from hacked Vietnam, India and Indonesia fondleslabs

Vietnam, India and Indonesia will be the distributed denial of service volcanoes of next year due to the profieration of pwned mobiles, according to DDoS security bod Shawn Marck.

Vietnam clocked in fifth place in the firm's latest threat report, in which India and Indonesia did not feature, outpaced by China, the US, Russia and Germany.

"The new up-and-coming countries of origin for DDoS attacks identified by the Black Lotus mitigation team are Vietnam, India and Indonesia," the company said in the report.

"While these countries don't have the large bandwidth necessary to launch massive volumetric DDoS attacks, the large number of compromised end point devices, particularly smart mobile phones, make these countries prime sources of newly created botnets."

Attacks would become fewer and easier for big networks to handle, according to co-founder Marck, but would remain a pain for smaller businesses.

"The widespread education of ways to thwart NTP (Network Timing Attacks) caused attackers to resort to tried and true blends of SYN flood and application layer attacks, which are very difficult to mitigate using conventional network hardware as these types target the same port needed to serve legitimate users," Marck said.

The report covered attacks between 1 July and 29 September this year and found a 96 percent decrease in bit volume attacks compared to the rest of the year.

It found attack incidents fell from 462,621 in the first quarter to 201,721 in the third.

Enterprise defenders will need to refocus crosshairs on the mobile space as the number of servers open to NTP amplification falls after a surge in attacks earlier this year.

The report came as FastHost was hit with a large distibuted denail of service attack that together with a Windows vulnerability knocked the company offline for five hours this week. ®

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