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El Reg reanimates Cash'n'Carrion merchandising tentacle

It's alive!

We're pleased to announce that we've reanimated our merchandising tentacle Cash'n'Carrion, so Reg fans can once again get a fix of top-notch Vulture Central kit.

Back when it was all fields round here, I was involved in setting up the original emporium, so I'm dead chuffed that we're back in the business of punting quality stuff, including proper shirts and branded bits and pieces.

Polo shirt modelled by strapping Vulture Central employeeThe relaunched shop is currently offering a small selection of items, which will expand as the new team finds its feet and, of course, in response to reader demands for specific stuff.

Up for grabs right now, for example, is the fetching 100 per cent cotton polo with embroidered vulture logo, shown here in a suitably happening urban external stairwell environment. The contents of the shirt are, of course, not included.

If that's not your cup of tea, then quaff your cuppa from one of our mugs, or even the "Classic Reg" 500ml steel bottle.

So there you have it. We look forward to launching more attractive apparel and appealing accessories over the coming months, and if there's anything you'd like to see in our virtual bazaar, drop us a line right here. ®

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