AWS CloudFront wobbles at worst possible time

Two-hour outage had global impact

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Don't start your Black Friday online shopping spree just yet: Amazon Web Services' CloudFront content delivery network has wobbled over the last few hours and the perennially-loss-making retailer, and customers of its cloud computing services, have reportedly been hard to access.

Amazon's status page said “We are currently investigating increased error rates for DNS queries for CloudFront distributions” at 17:000 PST, but by 17:57 reported “Error rates for DNS queries of CloudFront distributions are currently recovering.”

The problem was global and has been noticed as far away as Australia, where posters to the AusNOG mailing list reported problems lasting for up to two hours. Chat on the list suggests Amazon has re-routed traffic over different submarine cables to address the issue.

With North Americans about to shop themselves silly at online sales, this wobble has very poor timing, as if it repeats there's a decent chance all sorts of sites will not perform at their peak once turkey-filled hordes pull out their credit cards. Over to you, AWS! ®


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