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From Amazon to Zoho, the world is inundated with cloud services and the backup utilities that they offer, but what if you just want a simple light-weight client to sit in the tray and handle all your data for you?


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Duplicati is an excellent way to keep your cloud backups (or even local ones) in check with an array of advanced scheduling options, support for over half-a-dozen cloud services, incremental backups and 256-bit AES encryption. Simply run through the configuration wizard once and forget about it; so long as the cloud keeps looming above, your data is safe.

Developer Kenneth Skovhede
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Keeping your data secure is about more than updating virus definitions and encrypting archives. One very often overlooked aspect is that of safely destroying sensitive data. Eraser offers a mind-boggling number of secure erase methods from simply writing a single pass of pseudo-random data to the serious overkill of 35 passes with the Gutmann algorithm, though its advantage over faster methods on modern disks is debatable.


An essential tool for the security-conscious PC user, Eraser provides quick access to data annihilation through the context menu and a scheduler for regular clean up - it'll even write over empty space with an algorithm of your choice too.

Developer Joel Low
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