VMware secures trademark for something cloudy and secure

What is 'VMware SWITCH'? And is it linked to Virtzilla's looming investor call?

VMware has been awarded a mighty interesting-sounding trademark.

“VMware Switch” is described as “Enterprise computing security services, namely, providing secure access, via a global computer network, featuring technology that allows access to enterprise software applications and services.”

What might VMware have in mind for this trademark?

The wording sounds like something cloudy, perhaps the chance to switch between different instances of an application in some kind of secure global failover arrangement.

It's also worth pointing out that NSX Daddy Martin Casado has previously signalled he's keen to turn his attention to security. And the company has announced a conference call for investors in which it's promised the company will offer “an overview of VMware's network virtualization business”.

The call is one of a “What's New at VMware” series of updates. Might the appearance of the trademark and the hint of an update on network virtualisation be related?

Or maybe not: the company applied for "VMware Switch" way back in 2012. The emergence of the trademark and the con-call could therefore be co-incidental.

Whatever the timing, VMware appears to be considering a branded security service of some sort, or to have considered it in past. Based on the wording of the trademark, it smells like an attempt at making the cloud more secure. Which is no bad thing. ®

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