TalkTalk email goes titsup FOR DAYS. Cheapo telco warns: Changing password WON'T fix it

Yeah, it's still broken

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An unknown number of TalkTalk customers have been locked out of their email accounts for days, but the budget ISP warned this morning that its service was still struggling to return to normal.

According to anecdotal reports on Twitter, TalkTalk's email system first went titsup on Thursday.

The company was claiming on Friday morning that the technical snafu had been fixed. However, subscribers continued to pile in with complaints about the email service.

At 9:45am today, TalkTalk was forced to issue an update to its customers.

We're unfortunately still experiencing high volumes of traffic across our email platform following earlier issues, which is causing some customers to still experience issues accessing emails via webmail and mobile devices however we've increased the capacity of our email platform to help address this increased demand.

The performance of our email service is being closely monitored and we'll keep you updated as we work to restore full service.

TalkTalk punters had griped about seeing a "Your Mailbox is Currently Unavailable" error message, when attempting to access their messages via webmail, mobile devices and client mail services. Worse still, they were repeatedly nagged to enter their email password.

Embarrassingly, the ISP had warned:

It would appear that some customer having seen this issue are trying to change their email password to help remedy the issue. Please note that you do not need to change your password if affected by this issue as it will not resolve the issue accessing your emails.

Peeved customers, meanwhile, continued to moan about the poor service.

Hat tip to Reg reader Mike for telling us about TalkTalk's email blunder. ®


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