Star Wars: Episode VII trailer lands. You call that a lightsaber? THIS is a lightsaber

The Force Awakens parodies. Naturally, that is

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Vid Star Wars' fans have been treated to their first glimpse of episode seven of the movie franchise, after a trailer for The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams, was released on Friday.

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Opinions about the film's teaser have been mixed, with the latest lightsaber design being poorly received by some netizens.

Inevitably, parodies of the vid have already appeared online. The two that seem to be getting the most attention are, unsurprisingly, an impressive Lego version of he trailer and another that jokingly re-imagines The Force Awakens through the eyes of Star Wars creator George Lucas.

The latter vid, posted by Michael Shanks, squeezes in as many gags as possible for fans of the films to enjoy. He even promises a "pat on the head" for anyone who works out the "Droid-behind-rocks" joke.

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And here's the Lego one, created and uploaded a little over a day after the official trailer was released.

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The Force Awakens will be released in 2015. Have you felt it yet? ®


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