Ten Linux freeware apps to feed your penguin

Out with the old and in with the GNU

Libre Office

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If you’re using a Linux distro that didn’t come with Libre Office pre-installed, that’s most likely because it didn’t come with anything even close to resembling a full-featured office suite. Gone are the days of attempting to run Microsoft Office with WINE just to keep documents in a compatible format – Libre Office keeps you working seamlessly with the rest of the unenlightened world, unless of course they are a die-hard Apple Pages user…

Libre Office productivity suite

With the exception of not offering an Outlook alternative (as if there weren’t enough open-source alternatives), you’d be hard pressed to find anything practical that couldn’t be done in Libre Office.

Developer The Document Foundation
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RH Numbers

One thing you learn quickly when writing a piece like this, particularly when your keyboard doesn’t have a Print Screen key, is that a good screen capture tool is invaluable. To the rescue of the frustrated hack attempting to work in a virtual machine at the mercy of an Apple keyboard comes Shutter.

Shutter screen grab utility

Only your imagination limits what Shutter could record from your screen. Whether you’re trying to grab that pesky cascading menu or pinpoint the cursor in a particular place, Shutter does it with ease and will seamlessly upload it to any number of web hosts too.

Developer Mario Kemper
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