Ten Linux freeware apps to feed your penguin

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As the majority of users will spend their *nix time hard at work, or at least appearing to be, a managed media library is not usually necessary and the likes of SMPlayer will suffice. However Tomahawk, while you could feed it your entire music collection does not need it, either locally or in the cloud.

Using all the proper APIs, Tomhawk brings the likes of Spotify, SoundCloud, Last.FM and Grooveshark all under one roof, allowing you to take your pick – though it does seem to need a little refinement; I’m not certain how I ended up with the likes of “Angel” and “Leonardo” (whoever they are) being recommended in my quest for some quality Floyd…

Developers Christian Muehlhaeuser, Jason Herskowitz, Leo Franchi, Jeff Mitchell, Uwe Korn, Dominik Schmidt, Enno Gottschalk, Teo Mrnjavac and Hugo Lindström
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Unity Tweak Tool

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The Unity Tweak Tool aims to make useful and little known features and settings of the Ubuntu desktop environment accessible to the average user – and it does not disappoint. No matter if you’re totally new to the Unity environment or have been using it since its initial release in 2010, there’s bound to be something new you can discover with UTT.

There are a plethora of things to play with, including features that couldn’t even be enabled without UTT, not matter how far you dug through Ubuntu’s config pages. With this tool you can create an entirely new experience – whether you're keen to enable hot-corners, swap fonts, apply custom themes or create your own workspace management shortcuts, it’s all there.

Developer Freyja Development
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