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Sony Pictures struggles as staff details, salaries and films leaked

Fury and Annie now doing the rounds - along with staff's privates

It's getting worse for Sony: the latest data dump from the raid that's brought the company to an IT standstill includes the personal details of staff.

Documents leaked through BitTorrent show the names, home addresses, salaries (and bonuses), and social security numbers of thousands of staff, including executives.

Sony Pictures Entertainment could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.

Some 17 executives, from programming to advertising, were listed as having salaries over US$1m. Severance pays also appeared to be listed.

The beleaguered content king has recruited forensics mammoth Mandiant and the FBI to help track the attackers known only as the Guardians of Peace who broke into the network and wrought havoc.

Speculation has led to reports Sony was fingering North Korea as a possible target and that current and pending movies Fury and Annie leaked to BitTorrent were stolen from the company and not from regular sources.

It could have been quite an act of revenge if true: the firm was sent back to pen and paper during the height of the hack.

Sony Pictures has regained control of its technical networks after requesting staff disconnect personal devices from the compromised network.

In a bizarre statement an unnamed North Korean government official told the BBC the world will have to "wait and see" to learn of North Korean involvement in the hack. The Hermit Kingdom was thought by some to have popped the company in retaliation over the comedy film The Interview which mocks the country.

The leaks come as the FBI issued a restricted alert about malware it found that wipes hard drives and master boot records, and beacons home to servers in Thailand, Italy and Poland - the same infrastructure fingered by security bods PacketNinjas in July. ®

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