Facebook cosies up to ESET for malware detection

Is this the world's largest comparative test?

Facebook, which earlier this year started partnering with F-Secure and Trend Micro for malware detection, has added Slovak vendor ESET to its suite of security products.

The previous tie-ups, detailed here, are worth noting to put the new partnership in context. F-Secure and Trend both pointed Facebook users at their free online scans if devices behaved in a way that suggested infection.

The user would then get pointed at the vendors' online scan and cleanup services.

ESET is operating under a similar deal, and Facebook similarly says the tie-ups will help it keep malicious links and harmful sites out of News Feeds and Messages.

While it might raise the question why a third scanner is required, given that Facebook runs trillions of clicks daily, The Social NetworkTM is probably the best place on Earth to run A-B-C testing on different malware scanners. ®

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