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Facebook injects CREEPY search engine into mobile app

Now pervs can prey on teens on the move too!

Facebook has finally deployed its creepy search engine on the US version of its app for iOS users.

One of the free content ad network's product managers announced that Facebook's so-called Graph Search tech would be slowly rolled out to Stateside fanbois over the next few weeks.

This comes nearly two years after Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his company's strategy to beef up revenue by offering a search product for stalkers on the network to, among other things, dig deeper into their friends' old posts.

But the tech was heavily criticised by privacy campaigners, who claimed that Graph Search could be abused by wrongdoers who want to prey on over-sharing teenagers online.

The company's Rousseau Kazi said in a post on his Facebook page:

Really excited to announce what I've been working on! Starting today Facebook will be rolling out the ability to search for any post that's been shared with you just by typing in a few words. This will launch on both iPhone and Desktop (US Only initially).

Facebook Search has primarily been a place to find the people you're connected to/you want to connect with. The future of Search is helping you tap into the experiences and wisdom that your network and the world has shared. This is one large step towards that.

He claimed that "privacy hasn't changed with this new update." Yup, Zuck's got this. ®

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