Do you even know who your customers ARE?

Managing identity to drive business - why traditional IAM solutions suck

On demand Register now to watch our on-demand webcast about why you need large-scale identity management for digital interaction with your customers and how it should be done. Our Reg panel went through exactly who needs to be involved in this business discussion and decision, plus they have practical advice for how you can sell it to them.

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Handy synopsis for you

If you have customers, you want to do business with them digitally. But to do that, you need to know who they are. It’s tough enough getting identity management right for employees, but customers can be anywhere, using any device, at any time, using any service you provide. They expect to be recognised, and you need to know that they are who they claim to be. Solve this problem and it unlocks a lot of value in your business.

But traditional identity management approaches – the ones you have been using internally – won’t scale and can’t handle the complexity. What will work instead? Daniel Raskin of ForgeRock thinks his company has cracked it, and he’s in the Reg studio to tell us how it works. Joining him is Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics with Reg research into how well you are handling identity management, and Tim Phillips, who will put your questions to the experts.


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