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Who won all-flash sales sash, sucked up all the cash? – IDC report

Plus: Back-of-envelope figures for raw flash storage prices

An EMC-distributed excerpt of an IDC all-flash array shipments and revenues report has Hopkinton topping the sales rankings, with NetApp at number four and IBM topping the capacity-shipped chart.

The report is a special IDC one, titled Worldwide All-Flash Array and Hybrid Flash Array 2014–2018 Forecast and 1H14 Vendor Shares.

Data storage, virtualisation, analytics and cloud computing outfit EMC leads the revenue rankings for all-flash arrays shipped in the first half of this year, with $112.3m.

California-based enterprise storage company Pure is second with $90.9m, and IBM third at $82.9m.

NetApp, SolidFire and Nimbus are some way behind, with Violin included in the Others category.


NetApp is looking down in the dumps with SolidFire and Nimbus.

However, IBM leads the capacity shipped rankings by a country mile, with EMC second, and some way behind.


Please note, there's no NetApp number

Intriguingly these all-flash array capacity shipped numbers have no entry for NetApp, despite listing NetApp as fourth in the all-flash array revenue rankings. Another surprise is that Violin has a 5.59PB shipped flash number while Nimbus Data has 7.5PB, the same as SolidFire and just under Pure's 7.6PB. We at El Reg find this quartet of numbers hard to decrypt – we have contacted the analyst for more information.

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