Google+ to offer 'infinite' gender identity options

Choose your gender, or none if you like

Google+ will expand the range of options it offers when it asks users to identify their gender.

The Chocolate Factory's social network has, to date, offered “Male”, “Female” and “Other”.

Gooogle developer Rachael Bennett writes it's now possible to select a “Decline to State” or “Custom” option. Selecting the latter will mean “a freeform text field and a pronoun field will appear” and users won't be restricted in their choices.

Google's move will go down well with gender equity activists, who feel it is only fair that they be offered an accurate way to express their identity. Those who would rather Google just doesn't know their gender will also be pleased.

But Google+ the company and its social networks are still not entirely friendly to those who, like Australian provocateur Stilgherrian, prefer to be known by a single name. ®

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