The Register website gets a lovely makeover

Readers! Please give us your redesign feedback

Site news The Register got a fresh lick of paint today, with the front page getting its biggest overhaul in six years.

The brief for our in-house team was "quick, modern and fresher" and these key threads translated into a project scoped for front page, story page and navigation.

Of course we know you will love all the changes - ok so everyone hates redesigns at first sight. And maybe second sight too. But this is very much a brush-up and we aim to build on this with the help of A/B testing and your feedback.

In addition, "Redesign v2" is coming in 2015 and is likely to involve an agency that can guide us through a more rigorous ground-up redesign.

So, help us make The Reg a better user experience -  we need your input. Bug reports too, please.

Readers! This way to the forums.

Props to Kevin, Fenke, Murray and Marco for all their work on making this design live.

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