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BT Infinity ‘working to fix problem’ after three days of outages

Might be DNS, might be MSO. Either way, it’s BAD

BT Infinity users have been suffering with outages and slow service for three days, as the network struggles with a DNS or routing issue.

El Reg readers tipped us off that folks trying to connect with BT were getting problems such as failure to resolve DNS, slow web-page loading, interrupted web pages, and frankly rubbish video streaming performance.

BT told The Reg that it was working on the problem, though it didn’t elaborate on the cause.

“We are aware of an issue, which is causing some customers to experience intermittent issues when attempting to load web pages. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we are working to fix the problem,” a spokesperson said.

According to, reports of BT outages have been coming in from spots up and down the country, including London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.

A long list of complaints from users on BT Forums said the problems seemed to be intermittent and weren’t fixed by switching out the BT Home Hub for another router. Forum user Andydigital said:

There is a problem and it’s been going on for days as my server has been having problems connecting (and logging errors) to a site to check on updates which it normally does a couple of times an hour. This is a routing/lost packet issue I think. I'm located in Macclesfield. Even when trying to post this it has stopped in the middle of loading the page. Destiny has been disconnecting all day too and I've been kicked from party chat on the Ps4 more times than I can remember.

Others claimed that BT customer services had told them it was a DNS issue, although switching DNS didn’t seem to help other users. Tloram said:

One of the customer service representatives I spoke to did say there was an MSO (massive service outage) effecting our area code (01291) which is still being worked on ... but that was due to be resolved on Tuesday 9th this week, and here we are now at the end of Wednesday 10th and things have not improved one bit. Been without internet now for 3 days+. Getting annoyed.

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