Swiss McDonalds serves up no-holes-barred cheesy action to punters

Hot muffins on the menu as staff 'concentrate on serving customers'

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Customers at a McDonald’s got to see an entirely different type of muffin from the ones on the menu, after staff mistakenly broadcast a blue movie on LCD screens at a fast food outlet.

The filth-flick flesh fest occurred on Saturday night in the sleepy town of Zuckwil, north Switzerland and was first spotted - unsurprisingly - by male diners, who presumably opted to "go large" and enjoy the views a little longer.

The giant LCD screen was showing a series of x-rated skits from the Sexy Sports Clips programme on a German sports channel, a totally different type of sport to ones usually transmitted.

But apparently oblivious staff didn’t notice the wrong type of burger being served up to customers, one chomper told 20 Minutes.

“We were only a group of men so it didn’t bother us … what would have happened if there was a family in the restaurant at the time?”

A McDonald’s worker finally realised the gaffe and changed the channel, and the company explained the reason for this was because staff were in the zone.

A spokeswoman for the fast food chain said employees sometimes “change the channel to please a customer”, adding that if they didn’t immediately realise the problem it was because “they were concentrating on our customers and their work”. ®


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