Boggling bum babe Kim fails to 'break the internet' – Robin Williams instead tops Google charts

Millions search for comic online after star's death

Legendary comedian Robin Williams has, we're told, topped 2014's chart of the most searched for thing or person on Google.

Apparently, porn doesn't count because people are always searching for it, whereas Google is interested in stuff that "trends" – pops out of nowhere and soars in popularity before fading away, in other words.

The Chocolate Factory said the actor's name was most-searched trend this year, following his suicide in August, overtaking the World Cup and the ebola crisis.

Other popular terms were Malaysia Airlines – after one of its planes vanished and the other was blown out of the sky – plus the ALS ice bucket challenge and the viral gaming hit Flappy Bird.

Earlier this year, it was claimed baffling bum celeb Kim Kardashian's photo shoot highlighting her sizable derriere would "break the internet."

Unfortunately for the sex-tape star and her publicity team, the would-be web-busting images couldn't even claim the crown for the top celebrity search terms. That, um, honor went to Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, who unwillingly had her own set of racy photos leaked by hackers.

Not surprisingly, smartphones topped all gadget chat this year, with Apple's turbulent iPhone 6 rollout at number one in the charts for consumer electronics searches, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Nexus 6 and the Moto G.

Google has posted the full search results for 2014 to its trends page. ®

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